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* Exposing the Green Groups ( Money ):
Sacramento Bee five-part series, by Tom Knudson, Pulitzer Prize-winning environmental reporter

* I am an avid four wheeler but...
* Fight Back!!   Americans For Forest Access - AFFA
* Who's stealing your land?
* Boycott all Bridgestone/Firestone Products!
* Who wants you out of your off-road vehicle?
* SnowMobiles Banned from nationa parks?

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The policy pages on OHV's and Mountain Bikes of one of our enemies,  The Sierra Club,  clearly show that they just want us all out.  See for yourself, point 2 in both policies:
"Trails and areas on public lands should
be closed to all vehicles..."

You will have to fight the EPA to open them and
prove via EIS that the trails should be open.

Do you really want this to happen?

 If YOU don't join the fight, we will  lose all mechanized access to all of our public lands and private lands!

If you climb, bike, jeep, fish, hunt, jet ski, boat, camp, pan, shoot, explore, etc. - your sport is threatened!!

Click here to
learn more
about the
Green Agenda

This will impact each and every one of you and affect all of your outdoor sports.
So go ahead, sit on your butts and do nothing, just don't whine about it afterwards!!

Spread the word, tell your family and friends!!!

DirtFirst! is an On-Line gathering place for the off-road, 4x4 and outdoor recreation enthusiast.

On, you will find information and help on many 4x4 related topics. We proudly present environmental and land use issues impacting you, the 4x4 recreationalist.

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"I believe that we are again engaged in a  great civil war, a cultural war
that's about  to hijack your birthright to think and say what lives in your heart"
--- Charlton Heston ---- Feb 16, 1999

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