Topic: Who wants you out of your off-road vehicle?
The Greens want ORVs / OHVs removed from all public lands.
The definition of an ORV found on the The Wilderness Society web site is as follows...

"Off-Road Vehicles (ORVs) Include:

  • Motorcycles
  • All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
  • 4 wheel drive vehicles if used off-road
  • Snowmobiles
  • Personal watercraft such as jet skis"

What do they want done with ORV access?

  • "Remove ORVs from all wilderness quality lands, such as wilderness study areas, Areas of Critical Environmental Concern, Research Natural Areas, riparian zones, roadless areas, sensitive plant and animal habitat, areas with important concentrations of archaeological and historic resources and from all corridors and connections essential to our vision of a nationwide network of wild lands"
  • "Close all public lands to ORVs unless they are specifically opened, and opened only after thorough environmental analysis and full public participation"
  • "Prohibit cross-country travel and enforce a requirement that motorized vehicles stay on designated roads and trails"
  • "Require federal agencies to monitor natural resources conditions and enforce ORV restrictions to protect against resource damage."
The ORV policy found on the The Sierra Club web site is as follows...

"Off-Road Use of Motorized Vehicles

 Use of vehicles on other public lands:"

  • "Trails and areas on public lands should be closed to all vehicles unless
    i. determined to be appropriate for their use
    through completion of an analysis, review, and
    implementation process, and 
    ii. officially posted with signs as being open."
  • "The process must include 
    i. application of objective criteria to assess whether
    or not environmental quality can be effectively
    maintained, and whether the safety and enjoyment
    of all users can be protected; 
    ii. a public review and comment procedure involving
    all interested parties; and 
    iii. promulgation of effective implementing
    regulations where impacts are sufficiently low that
    vehicle use is appropriate. "
  • "Trails and areas designated for vehicular use must
    be monitored periodically to detect environmental
    damage or user interference inconsistent with the
    above criteria. Where this occurs, the trail or area
    must be closed to vehicles unless effective
    corrective regulations are enforced

Why do they want you banned from your land?
     They don't want to share it with you!

  • "Excessive noise, which, in close proximity, may result in physiological effects on animals and humans, or may
    induce anxiety, altering animal behavior patterns, and
    which, in most circumstances,
    seriously degrades the
    solitude of wild areas for other users

Are they stopping at public land?
No, they are starting to make rules for you on private
    land as well!  You can bet more rules are on the way!

  • "When using private land, all vehicle operators must
    have in their possession written permission from the

 Are they stopping at land use?
No, they are starting to make rules for you!

  • "Motorized vehicle operators should be tested and
    licensed on their ability to operate the vehicles and
    knowledge of all laws relating to vehicle operation

Are they stopping with ORV's?
    No you mountain bikers need to read this!!!

The theme is the same with all of the Green groups - close it all immediately.  Then make you spend time and money on studies and court battles to reopen it!  If you climb, bike, jeep, fish, hunt, jet ski, boat, etc. - your sport is next!!

Coming to YOUR recreation area!!
{click if you care!}     {click if you care!}

  • Please get involved.

  •  Write / email to your congress critters

  • Write / email State & Federal Land Managers.

  • Go talk with your local forest supervisor, they will see you!


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What is all this about?

The Greens want OUR backcountry for the exclusive use of the elite, hard-core backpackers.

We must stop these folks, they are slowly but methodically stealing our rights, freedom and country from us!

Beginning to see more of the plan?

  • Get involved!

  • Be a good sport!

  • Keep it clean!

  • Be responsible!

  • Write to your representatives!





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