Glamis Sand Dunes Closures - 11/22/00

Topic: Major Land Closure starting with Glamis Sand Dunes
46,000 acres in the center will be closed by 11/22/2000.
UN-Happy Thanksgiving 2000 from your friends(NOT) at:

UPDATE: BLM sell-out-2001 the lawsuit gets bigger

The groups listed above are not OHV friends!!
BLM pleads no-contest to lawsuit, Clinton/Gore/Babbitt/Feinstein win - lock up more land.
This is just PART of one lawsuit by these people. It's huge - it's not just Glamis!!!!
If you vote for Gore - Get used to this, he has promised more land closures!!!

Warning: It has come to our attention (from a reliable source) that the greens are planning a major campout and spectacle at the Glamis Dunes during the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. Why is this important? They have invited the media, including National Geographic, to go to Glamis to record the weekend's events. They are looking for trouble. STAY WELL CLEAR OF ALL CLOSED AREAS AND THE GREENS!!!
This is a set up by the greens, looking for conflict, accidents and violations of the closure order in an effort to close ALL of the Dunes!!!
Protect your riding areas by avoiding the Green Weenies at all costs. If you know anyone going to Glamis, please let them know about it. Ask them to spread the word, once they reach Glamis, as well.

"The BLM will publish closure notices implementing these restrictions, and plans to place signs around the closures before November 22, 2000." 

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MAP of the Dunes Closure Areas

It is truly a sad time for Duners.  All OHVers feel this loss.  This is a federal court action.

What do we need to do?

  1. Stay out of the closed area, the judge will be watching us.  If we enter the closed area we could lose it all.
  2. Remember: This closure is not only Glamis.  Glamis is just one small part of this legal action, they are attempting to close major areas in the deserts and the mountains as well as the dunes.  Don't concentrate on Glamis alone!  This is a huge series of lawsuits!!!
    FYI: This is a national problem, the Roadless Plan will be unveiled after the election!
  3. The Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC) is fighting against the entire series of lawsuits and closures. The BRC is already heavily engaged in the fight.  Join the BRC, lend your time, support and money to the cause.
    Note: The BRC is fighting the ENTIRE Closure - the deserts, mountains and dunes.
  4. The American Sand Association (ASA) has retained the lawfirm of Washburn, Briscoe & McCarthy, one of the finest law firms specializing in environmental issues  Join the ASA, lend your time, support and money to the cause.
    Note: The ASA is fighting the Glamis Closure only. 

    Click here for PayPal American Sand Association secure donation site
  5. Get informed and spread the word.  We all need to to band together.
  6. Stay tuned in at http://www.glamisonline.org/
  7. Join the DirtFirst! OHV Action Email List to keep informed
    just send an email to
    action@dirtfirst.com and you will be added.
  8. Call the new  California BLM State Director Mike Pool (916) 978-4600
    Don't be nasty - be courteous but firm - tell him to fight this.
  9. Here are some government e-mail addresses.
    Write them. Again: don't be nasty - be courteous but firm - tell them to fight this.

ASMAP.jpg (192146 bytes)
Click for larger view of Peirson´s milk vetch
( Astragalus magdalenae var. peirsonii )

Beware:   Riding in the closed area is very bad for us - we could lose it all.
                   Destroying any plants will definitely help us lose it all!!!

The Sierra Club's policy pages on OHV's and Mountain Bikes clearly show that they want us out.  "Trails and areas on public lands should be closed to all vehicles unless..." 

The theme is the same with all of the Green groups - hypocrisy!  Close it all immediately  to us, that is.   Then make us spend our time and money on studies and court battles to reopen it!  If you climb, bike, atv, jeep, fish, hunt, jet ski, boat, ride a horse, camp, etc. - your sport is next!!  They are the only ones that will have access to our land if we don't stop them.

In closing, we have nothing good to say about the green groups because they have nothing good to say about us.  In short our policy is - any friend of the Sierra Club is an enemy of mine!

Dirt First

What is all this about?

The Greens want OUR backcountry for the exclusive use of the elite - them, and hard-core backpackers.

We must stop these folks, they are slowly but methodically stealing our rights, freedom and country from us!

Beginning to see more of the plan?

  • Get involved!

  • Be a good sport!

  • Keep it clean!

  • Be responsible!

  • Write to your representatives!




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