The BLM Sells Out

Topic: BLM - Sellout - Major Land Closure!!
800,000 acres in the Mojave Desert will be closed.
Well it's here:  The BLM has announced the settlement deal that closes HUGE tracts of the California desert - some to HIKERS!!!

UN-Happy New Year 2001 from your Enemies at:

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The groups listed above are NOT our friends!!
The BLM has pleaded no-contest to the lawsuit and the Green Weenies, Clinton, Gore, Babbitt and Sen. Feinstein have won by default. The result is: we are locked out of more of our public land.

This is another PART of the lawsuit by these people that closed major parts of the Glamis Sand Dunes. It's huge - as we said - it's not just Glamis!!!!

The Green Weenies have taken a major step toward closing all public land in southern California to the public.

What did the Green Weenies want?  The groups listed above wanted ALL dirt roads closed in the Mojave desert.  What did they get?  75% of them closed, and targeted 4x4 and OHV areas specifically. 

Angry?  We all have every right to be.  Our government under Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Bruce Babbett has allowed the Green Weenies to have a free run.  They failed to fight them in court and we all lost.  In short - we were sold out by BLM - Washington..

The BLM has published a public notice.

Click here to view BLM web page with settlement detailst

The five stipulation settlement agreements filed with the U.S. District Court
for the Northern District, California, in San Francisco address:

  1. The schedule that BLM will initiate Endangered Species Act
    consultation with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) on the
    1980 California Desert Conservation Area Plan; document (PDF file,
    207 kilobytes)

  2. Restrictions on vehicle use in the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation
    Area, which have been in place since November 2000; document

  3.  Restrictions on sheep and cattle grazing in critical and non-critical
    desert tortoise habitat; document

  4.  Restrictions on use of hiking trails within the San Jacinto and Santa
    Rosa Mountains and mining activities to protect Peninsular bighorn
    sheep and its habitat; document

  5.  Interim restrictions on a wide range of activities affecting
    approximately 20 other threatened and endangered species within the CDCA. document

A little detail...
"The fourth stipulation of the settlement addresses restrictions on motorized
 access and the use of hiking trails within the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa
 Mountains to protect Peninsular Ranges bighorn sheep and its habitat.

 Current and additional BLM staff will be utilized to ensure voluntary public
 compliance to the interim restrictions.  BLM will not approve any new
 lands or minerals authorizations or modify existing authorizations within
 Peninsular Ranges bighorn sheep habitat pending the completion of
 consultation on the CDCA Plan.

 The final stipulation includes more than 45 separate measures and addresses
 a wide range of interim actions BLM will initiate/implement during the
 following months to further protect threatened and endangered species
 throughout the CDCA,
including additional vehicle restrictions to protect
 desert tortoise habitat, limits on expansion of mining activities in critical
 habitat, and protection of riparian areas in the habitat of listed bird species.

 These interim actions will be in effect until BLM consults with the FWS on
 the CDCA Plan."

It is truly a sad time for ALL OHV'ers, campers, hunters, hikers, et all.  This was a federal court action.   What can we do?

  1. Stay out of the closed areas, the judge will be watching us.   If we enter the closed area we could lose even more.

  2. Remember: This closure is not the end of it.   This is a huge series of lawsuits!!!

  3. The Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC) is fighting against the entire series of lawsuits and closures. The BRC is already heavily engaged in the fight.  Join the BRC, lend your time, support and money to the cause.  Note: The BRC is fighting the ENTIRE Closure - the deserts, mountains and dunes.  http://www.sharetrails.org

  4. The American Sand Association (ASA) has retained the lawfirm of Washburn, Briscoe & McCarthy, one of the finest law firms specializing in environmental issues  Join the ASA, lend your time, support and money to the cause.
    Note: The ASA is fighting theDunes Closures.  http://www.glamisonline.org

  5. Get informed and spread the word.  We all need to to band together.

  6. Join the DirtFirst! OHV Action Email List to keep informed just send an email to action@dirtfirst.com and you will be added.

  7. Call the new  California BLM State Director Mike Pool (916) 978-4600
    Don't be nasty - be courteous but firm - tell him to fight this.

  8. Here are some government e-mail addresses.  Write them. Again: don't be nasty - be courteous but firm - tell them to fight this.

The theme is the same with all of the Green groups - hypocrisy!  Close it all immediately  to us, that is.   Then make us spend our time and money on studies and court battles to reopen it!  If you climb, bike, atv, jeep, fish, hunt, jet ski, boat, ride a horse, camp, etc. - your sport is next!!  They are the only ones that will have access to our land if we don't stop them.

The Sierra Club's policy pages on OHV's and Mountain Bikes clearly show that they want us out.  "Trails and areas on public lands should be closed to all vehicles unless..." 

In closing, we have nothing good to say about the green groups involved in these law suits and locking up our land because they have nothing good to say about us.  In short our policy is - any friend of the Sierra Club is no friend of mine!

Dirt First!

What is all this about?

The Greens want OUR backcountry for the exclusive use of the elite - them, and hard-core backpackers.

We must stop these folks, they are slowly but methodically stealing our rights, freedom and country from us!

Beginning to see more of the plan?

  • Get involved!

  • Be a good sport!

  • Keep it clean!

  • Be responsible!

  • Write to your representatives!




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