Topic: Is there a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy?

You bet there is!   We also know it as the
 Great Green Movement...

Here is our opinion on a recent incident:

While doing site maintenance the other day and checking for search engine listings, an unexpected link popped up.  The Woodrow Wilson Environmental Center at Rutgers University was shown linking to DirtFirst!.  Hmmm... We mused, this couldn't be good.

It's not good.  Rutgers has published an anti-SUV Policy Paper and two web sites were named as opponents to their cause because of economic interests.  The two sites named were DirtFirst.com and SUV.com .  Well, DirtFirst! was just a small commercial site at that time so what the heck are they talking about.  Why bother with DirtFirst!?  We must be getting to them with the information we present so we are being targeted.

It gets worse, not for Dirtfirst.com, for YOU the SUV enthusiast!  This policy paper is a training aid to be used by teachers to indoctrinate pupils with the anti-suv mantra.  It is thorough and organized - a basic blueprint for the next generation of eco-nazi's to use against the American people.  To add insult to injury, we funded this crap via government grant (aka our money!!!!) from the National Science Foundation.

To this we say " #@$%^&! "

The paper was published last summer.  Since that time, we have noticed a higher level of web traffic from all manner of {  dot.edu  } web sites.  While curious we didn't think much of it.  

Our opinion is as follows:
Go to the web site below, download it, and then modify it for use by our team.  The blueprint may be easily modified for use by the good guys (that would be us) in our fight against them.  The staff at DirtFirst! will be doing more research into these folks as well as pursuing legal avenues.

Write to the National Science Foundation and Rutgers University and tell them what you think of a major university and our money being used to TARGET small company home pages or spent on anti-suv policies. Near the bottom of this article you will find a list of the visitors we have had recently!!!.

This web site and other information about the Policy Paper:

Topic: Environmental Policy


Mentor:         Dr. Bob Tucker, Rutgers University
Participants:  Randall Crump, Robert Oddo,
                    Kenneth Purser, Miriam Woods

National Science Standards Addressed:
      E (Science and Technology);
    F (Science in Social and Personal Perspectives);
      G (History and  Nature of Science).

Rutgers email:  info@rutgers.edu
Rutgers email:  info_update@cis.rutgers.edu
National Science Foundation email:  info@nsf.gov
National Science Foundation email:  jfickus@nsf.gov

Don't think there is a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy?  Within two hours of us sending them a letter of complaint, the site traffic originating  from {  dot.edu's  } went crazy.  We got visits from kindergartens, grade schools, middle schools, jr. high schools, high schools, universities and yes - even the folks at RUTGERS.

Newsflash - just visited by someone from the US Senate staff:
p4-183.senate.gov - - [02/Sep/1999:12:54:19 -0500]
WOW - Green news spreads quickly!!

We were amazed. These folks are apparently sitting around with nothing better to do than surf the web on equipment WE PAID FOR and doing it on OUR NICKEL. Could this be why Clinton/Gore and the Left are pushing so hard for the internet in schools. We think so.

Sorry to report:

There is no Vast Right Wing Conspiracy but...
the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy certainly exists!!

Keep up the fight!

Here is an example of our tax dollars at work and of further harrassment in process.

The following Educational Institutions and Government Agencies have paid us a visit very shortly after we filed our complaint:

Dirtfirst! Welcomes The Following...
However, next time you visit us make sure it is from
your home and that you use your own hardware.

  • mcv156.083.und.nodak.edu - - [30/Aug/1999:17:45:14 -0500]

  • discordia-asy-6.rutgers.edu - - [31/Aug/1999:02:38:43 -0500]

  • proxy.sdsu.edu - - [31/Aug/1999:11:49:00 -0500]

  • gatekeeper.rcbhsc.wvu.edu - - [31/Aug/1999:13:21:40 -0500]

  • tcms02.towns.k12.ga.us - - [31/Aug/1999:15:27:40 -0500]

  • gw.mccallie.org - - [31/Aug/1999:18:21:33 -0500]

  • dhcp112159.salley.fsu.edu - - [31/Aug/1999:23:53:10 -0500]

  • geneva.rutgers.edu - - [01/Sep/1999:12:31:45 -0500]

  • ts4113.slip.colostate.edu - - [01/Sep/1999:23:01:51 -0500]

  • beta.nsf.gov - - [02/Sep/1999:09:38:59 -0500]

  • client-151-204-48-58.woodrow.org - - [02/Sep/1999:09:50:31

  • p4-183.senate.gov - - [02/Sep/1999:12:54:19 -0500]

  • magic1.co.la.ca.us - - [02/Sep/1999:14:00:04 -0500]

  • hghsproxy.chappaqua.k12.ny.us - - [02/Sep/1999:16:44:19 -0500]

  • gatekeeper.cobb.k12.ga.us - - [02/Sep/1999:16:50:36 -0500]

  • thorn.ucsd.edu - - [02/Sep/1999:17:20:47 -0500]

  • hsb-dialin-60.baylor.edu - - [02/Sep/1999:20:30:07 -0500]

  • pc49.bcot1.uvsc.edu - - [02/Sep/1999:20:48:56 -0500]

  • exchange-bdc.intellischool.org - - [02/Sep/1999:21:25:05 -0500]

  • client-151-204-48-58.woodrow.org - - [03/Sep/1999:05:07:24 -0500]

  • cntr37979s.des-moines.k12.ia.us - - [03/Sep/1999:11:10:35 -0500]

  • brag-06-104.rh.ncsu.edu - - [03/Sep/1999:11:56:06 -0500]

  • bermuda-asy-57.rutgers.edu - - [03/Sep/1999:16:38:32 -0500]


What is all this about?

The Greens want OUR backcountry for the exclusive use of the elite, hard-core backpackers.

We must stop these folks, they are slowly but methodically stealing our rights, freedom and country from us!

Beginning to see more of the plan?

  • Get involved!

  • Be a good sport!

  • Keep it clean!

  • Be responsible!

  • Write to your representatives!





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