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Forest Fire - Who is really to blame...
While driving back from the desert yesterday, we were greeted with an amazing wall of smoke, soot and ash. The smoke was so heavy that 4:00 PM looked as though it was just after sunset. Our cars were covered with soot. Ten minutes of light rain produced drops composed primarily of ash. The drops had the consistency of slushy snowflakes and the air was badly fouled by the smoke. Yes, it was just another day in the forest. A forest fire, an all too common event nowadays!
Smoke at 4:00 PM...
{up in smoke}
Soot mixed with rain...
{up in smoke}
We wish to thank all of those in the environmental movement and especially those working for the Forest Service and BLM for turning our forests into tinder boxes, cinder boxes and finally into charcoal stands of once splendid trees. The Forest Service and BLM have had a long standing policy of not letting fires burn. In addition, the environmentalists (who think they know it all - BUT DON'T) have made it impossible for the land agencies to properly maintain the forests via the endangered species act and a myriad of lawsuits and legal maneuverings.
You might ask, what is the result? We have lost our forests for many generations to come. In Southern California and many other parts of the west, vast stands of forest have been burned by flames so hot that large mature trees were killed outright. To make matters worse and to add insult to injury, the Forest Service and BLM usually have to jump through so many hoops (again it's the charcoal / green / ESA lawsuit thing) that the burned trees are left standing for over one year and sometimes two or more years. It's a sacrilegious waste. Trees that would have fetched millions of dollars are nothing but junk by the time they are harvested. The trees could have pretty nearly covered the expense of fighting the fire, instead they are left to rot and gather worms. Thank you ESA and the charcoal/green crowd for destroying our forests and then wasting our money.
We wish to thank members of groups like Sierra Club, the Center for Biodiversity, PEER and their ilk for supporting the "green" groups without fully understanding what they are supporting. It is the "ignorance" of the general membership and the arrogance of the large donors supporting the green groups that have enabled these groups to become so powerful, to build huge war chests and literally wage war on our public lands. As the law states, ignorance is no excuse. If you belong to one of the green groups, please don't quit. Instead ask the hard questions, demand real answers and then effect change from within. Lead your group back to its roots!
The media is just as guilty. All we hear from the media is how bad things are. The truth is distorted or left out completely. Again, let them know that you want both sides of the environmental story. Demand the whole story not biased, brainwashing, propaganda based news reporting with an agenda.
To the hardcore charcoals/greens - we now refer to you as charcoals for what you have done to our land. We wish to drive you and your radical kind out of town. We happily ask you not to return until you recognize "man" as one of the animals with a right to access and use our land as well as protect it. We want our forests back, we want our deserts back and we want our country back. Most of all, we want the environmental groups put back in their proper position again - as just another special interest.
Work to reform the ESA (Endangered Species Act) and stop the burning of the west!

Attention radical charcoals ( AKA greens ): Your control over America is over!

Land Use Editor, DirtFirst!

What is all this about?

The Greens want OUR backcountry for the exclusive use of the elite, hard-core backpackers.

We must stop these folks, they are slowly but methodically stealing our rights, freedom and country from us!

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"I believe that we are again engaged in a  great civil war, a cultural war
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--- Charlton Heston ---- Feb 16, 1999

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