Topic: The Sierra Clubtm and Their Off-Road Vehicles
How the Greens use SUV's - ( an OHV if we use it) .
While on a recent major clean up run, we had two run-ins with Sierra Clubbers.

The first - a single vehicle - a newer land cruiser came up from behind and was furious that we had 20 vehicles moving slowly along the road.  She (the driver) was extremely rude according to the people in the vehicles at the rear.  We told her that would we allow her to pass us as space opened up to let her work her way by us. She was not happy.

She began passing people in a very unsafe and rude manner.  She actually cut me off, while I was waiting for the line to move.  I was just starting to move forward when I saw a white flash go past the right side of my vehicle at a very reckless speed.  I barely missed pulling into her. This was not a two lane road, it was just about 1.5 vehicles wide, maybe less.  Even after we explained that we were on a clean up run she said - "well you pigs made the mess you ought to clean it up".

Hmmm... It is OK for them to condemn all of us for the actions of a few - but not for us to condemn them for the actions of a few.  We neither support nor condone the careless or crazies in our ranks.  However, Sierra Club dues money directly supports the activities and the actions of the radical among them.
Do most members know who
Dave Foreman is?  They should, he was one of their board members and so very much-much more.

  • He was one of the founders of Earth First!.
  • He was one of the authors of the Earth First! Death Manual.
  • Mr. Foreman also plea bargained his way out of a federal felony conviction for "allegedly" attempting to blow up power transmission lines and dams.
  • From Eco Defense, Edited by Dave Foreman. Copyright 1985 - Dave Foreman. A New Ludd Book, Earth First! Books, Tucson Arizona 1985.
    "Suppose your neighborhood is infested with off-road vehicle scum or you chance upon an unattended muscle wagon where it shouldn't be. A quick slash job is in order."
    "a modern version of the Vietnamese "punji stake" offers a simple means of closing an unsurfaced road. An angle cut metal rod driven into the road's wheel rut will puncture tires......"
  • Dave Forman, Earth First! "The optimum human population of earth is zero."
  • Dave Forman, Earth First! "The human race could go extinct, and I for one would not shed any tears."
  • Dave Forman, founder of Earth First, and former member of the National Board of Directors for the Sierra Club "Phasing out the human race will solve every problem on earth, social and environmental."

Yet, the members of the Sierra Club elected this terrorist to serve on their National Board of Directors!!
Click to see the Earth First Death Manual as exposed by Off-road.com

The second encounter was a group of SC'ers in four new, big, expensive suv's. They came to the back of the group and basically acted the same way our friends in the first vehicle had. Rude and indignant that we were in their way. The spokesman came forward and said - we are in a hurry, we have four things to do today. We need to get by. Then the magic words - spoken as if they part the Red Sea - "We are with the Sierra Club, we need to get by - we are in hurry". By the way they were also rude and said the same thing about the clean up - "you created the mess, you should clean it up". This was in an area that gets heavy car traffic, meaning the trash came from car partiers.

Well, after they got rude with us, the folks at the back of our group decided to proceed in 4low - 1st gear - crawl speed. We were looking for trash after all.  The SC'ers really got upset about this.

When we got to the parking lot at the top of the mountain, they pulled in and were headed for the top of the hill on a short hiking trail - about 200 yards.  We offered to give them trash bags to pick up litter along the hiking trail. They would not even respond to our offer.

These people are rude, self-centered bullies. They did their hike (if you call a 5 mile drive to do a 200 yard walk a hike) and left.  They used their gas guzzling SUV's to drive to a short trail, there is a great hike to the top via a valley with no roads - just a hiking trail.  I've done it, it's pretty and desolate.

In the 30+ years I have been, hiking camping, jeeping, backpacking, etc. I have never seen a single member of the Sierra Club or any other Green group for that matter ever pick up a single piece of trash.

Now, these people are bringing their butthead freeway driving style to the backcountry: cutting people off, get out of my way etc., they are sick and make us sick!

Attention Sierra Clubbers:
RELAX - ENJOY NATURE - LEAVE THE RAT RACE BEHIND, don't inflict your lifestyle and values on those of us who want to enjoy and take care or the environment.

They were not nice to us and we were not nice to them in return. Both sides lose. They lose because they truly don't know how to enjoy nature. We lose because we are condemned no matter how we treat them.

Some in our group didn't like the confrontation. Those of us who have been back-stabbed and lied about by the Sierra Club, know full well that they are the enemy. Nothing we can say or do will ever change that. It is a lose-lose for us anytime we see them.

Some of my friends have had windshields broken out and vehicles vandalized by green weenies. How would a Sierra Clubber like it if every time they parked a car at a trail head it got a busted window, flat tires or scratched paint. That's what happens to our  jeeps when we leave them at a hiking trail head parking lot to do a hike. These people are not our friends. They can not imagine what it's like to be targeted simply because of what you drive!

Beware:   Conversation and/or confrontation with a Green Weenie will get you nowhere.  Likewise: Compromise with a Green Weenie will only net you land loss and more of your rights taken away.

The Sierra Club's policy pages on OHV's and Mountain Bikes clearly show that they want us out.  "Trails and areas on public lands should be closed to all vehicles unless..." 

The theme is the same with all of the Green groups - hypocrisy!  Close it all immediately  to us, that is.   Then make you spend time and money on studies and court battles to reopen it!  If you climb, bike, jeep, fish, hunt, jet ski, boat, ride a horse, camp, etc. - your sport is next!!  They are the only ones that will have access to our land if we don't stop them.

In closing, we have nothing good to say about the green groups because they have nothing good to say about us.  In short our policy is - any friend of the Sierra Club is an enemy of mine!

Dirt First

What is all this about?

The Greens want OUR backcountry for the exclusive use of the elite - them, and hard-core backpackers.

We must stop these folks, they are slowly but methodically stealing our rights, freedom and country from us!

Beginning to see more of the plan?

  • Get involved!

  • Be a good sport!

  • Keep it clean!

  • Be responsible!

  • Write to your representatives!




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