Topic:  El Niño & Al Gore

This commentary is based on a story, "Hell, High Water and Hype", appearing on page 86 in the Nov. 17, 1997 issue of Time Magazine and was written by Charles Krauthammer.

To illustrate our point about the overreaction to environmental issues this article clearly shows the hysteria surrounding global warming. El Niño is "a perfectly normal cycle of Pacific waters' warming every two to seven years, altering jet-stream flows and cloud formation. "It's been going on, as far as we can tell, for millennia." - as quoted in the article.

It seems that Vice President Gore has decided to pump up the global warming theory by connecting it with El Niño. Gore has a passion for global climate catastrophe and even though there is no link between El Niño and global warming, he shrewdly created one.

The sole purpose of this link is to garner support for the upcoming climate treaty in Japan during December. Don't fall for it. El Niño alternates with La Niña, a cooling cycle, and is part of the natural rhythm of our climate.

Get informed, read this informative Time Magazine article. Look at the data supporting global warming. You will find a beautifully crafted set of theories with supporting computer models. However, you will not find any hard supporting data to prove that global warming is occurring. It is a theory. We should certainly pay attention to the possibility of global warming. We shouldn't sign bad treaties which will severely handicap us in the global market place.

Don't take anyone's word on this, you must get informed then decide for yourself on this issue. Follow some of our links. If you feel the Japan Climate treaty is not a good deal or even necessary, then write to the President and your congressional representative and tell them you oppose it. 

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