Topic: It's just a name?

They are taking the Dirt First! name

Doing a web search a while back we discovered someone is using our name to sell T-shirts to support their off-road racing fun. We asked them politely to cease and desist, as DirtFirst! and Dirt First! are our trademarks.

Their response was flippant and rude.  They accused us of profit taking off the anti-green movement, asked us where our heart was and many other silly comments. They even brought up their friends at off-road.com.   It really made us angry that they accused us of doing nothing, yet there is not one land use issue on their site - period!!  They are the ones profit taking from the anti-green movement!  We have been fighting for trail access and land use for 15+ years and at great personal expense in terms of both time and money.

Our response to them was simple - here's where our heart is:

  1. 25% of the gross proceeds of the sale of the items must go to the
    Blue Ribbon Coalition found at http://www.sharetrails.org/.
  2. dirtfirst.com and our trademark notice is displayed on the products
     with Dirt First! or DirtFirst! on them.
     i.e.:  DirtFirst! is a registered Trademark of DirtFirst.com
  3. you may use the trademark only in connection with the sale
    of t-shirts - not as your web site slogan (i.e.: currently on one of
     your opening pages).
  4. you must put a prominent link to the Blue Ribbon Coalition web site
    on your web site.
  5. failure to satisfy the above items listed in 1-4 above will result in
    termination of the limited use license.

We wanted nothing out of this for DirtFirst!, just protection of our name and trademarks that we have held since 1997.  They simply ignored us.  We are now preparing for costly - unwanted legal action.  We know other companies and web sites wouldn't tolerate someone using their name!  We are going to be forced to take our eye off the "land-use ball" in order to protect our company and trademarks.

                 Visit their web site - what do you think?

Thanks for supporting the original - Dirt First!

Coming to a National Forest near You!!
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Read our December 1999 editorial!

 However, if you sit on your duff and let someone else do it
then the next notice will say " Final" followed by some "NOI 's" -
that is Notice Of Intent -
and that is also game over!!!

Please get involved.  Write / email to your congress critters
and the Forest Service. Go talk to your local forest supervisor,
they will see you!  LET THEM HEAR FROM US!!

Send us an email if you need help
on finding who you should contact!!


What is all this about?

The Greens want OUR backcountry for the exclusive use of the elite, hard-core backpackers.

We must stop these folks, they are slowly but methodically stealing our rights, freedom and country from us!

Beginning to see more of the plan?

  • Get involved!

  • Be a good sport!

  • Keep it clean!

  • Be responsible!

  • Write to your representatives!





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