Topic: Trail Etiquette

Ever been on a run and found trash along the trail?
Or, have you ever run into rude people in the backcountry!

What can I do about it? You ask.
I am one of the good guys? You state.
What's the difference? You might think.

We all think we are the good guys.  We need to examine how we interact with each other and the environment. 
Why?  Because, our sport depends on our behavior and the perceptions the general public has of us!

Trail closures are a fact!  We don't need to give the greenies any additional help with getting areas closed, restricted or modified.

What can (and should) we do to prevent it?

  • First we must become a solidified group, working together. That means no fighting about what brand or models are better, etc. They all work and the driver is the biggest factor anyway.

  • Next we must work hard to change the image many people have about us. We know that we are not out there destroying everything. Make sure everyone you know gets our side of the story too!

  • We must take care of the areas we use. (Yes, it means picking up after the irresponsible people out there). Pick up litter, don't destroy vegetation, tread lightly, obey the rules and regulations, drive only where permitted to do so.

  • Show consideration to hikers, bikers, campers, etc.. Give them a BRAKE and slow down as you approach and go past them. Ask them if they need water or help. This goes a long way toward promoting our image.

  • This is important! If you have not written at least five letters to various government agencies and officials in the past year, then you are not adequately involved.
    If you don't fight for what you want the Greenies sure won't do it for you.

There are more recreationalists than members of GAG's (Green Advocacy Groups). If we fight half as hard as they do we can't help but win. Imagine the results if we fight as hard they do!

Please join the fight to keep
and return access to our land.
  • Get involved!

  • Be a good sport!

  • Keep it clean!

  • Be responsible!

  • Write to your representatives!



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