Topic: Forest Service "mis"Adventure Pass.

What is it?
Why do you need it?
Do you need/want it?
Can you believe it?

When you hand your money over to the person collecting it at the parking lot of your favorite hiking / biking / jeeping trail what happens to it. First a cut goes to the private contractor collecting the fee from you. The money goes to Washington DC where it is skimmed by the Federal bureaucracy, and finally the remainder is returned to the forest where it was collected.

The tickets for not having a pass have been beaten in court. Contact the folks listed below for details. The monies collected under this program are not under our control. The local forests do not have to answer to you about how they spend this money. Didn't we dump tea in a harbor for the same thing?

There is a terrible blight sweeping our national forests. It changes previously concerned, dutiful forest rangers into mere parking lot attendants.

What could cause such a hideous transformation you ask?

It's the dreaded Adventure Pass!

Oh my! You utter...

"Oh woe unto us" We say!!!

Sadly, it doesn't end with the forests rangers! It results in severe outbreaks of greed, corruption, and downright harassment. The public is accosted from every direction. "Do You Have Your Adventure Pass?" Those dreaded words are uttered at every turn. The dizzying picture plays out...

It's amazing. You cry.

In our twenty years of visiting the national forests in southern California, I can honestly claim to have come across fewer than ten rangers (outside campgrounds and ranger stations, (the NFS version of the donut shop). Since the introduction of this illegal Adventure Pass program, they are crawling out from under logs, hanging from trees, and generally appear on the scene as if by magic.  They seem a little too much like vultures circling above a potential meal.

 I have three questions for you to ponder:

1.) Where were the rangers for the previous
     twenty years and what were they doing?

"Doing normal ranger work"
   you say…

2.) Who is doing this work now that the
     rangers are acting as meter maids?

"The rangers" you respond...

3.) Oh, I see. So they have time to

You better revisit
  question one…

Write your congress-critters (NOW!)
and tell them this should stop now!!!

(click sticker to send them e-mail)

Our position is:

We don't support the misadventure pass program and we are going to try to get it stopped. Let's take care of our back country and enjoy exploring it. We've already paid for the forest, stop this new form of taxation without representation.

See you in the back country!

The team at DirtFirst!

What is all this about?

They want OUR backcountry for the elite hard core backpackers' use.

Beginning to see more of the plan?

  • Get involved!

  • Be a good sport!

  • Keep it clean!

  • Be responsible!

  • Write to your representatives!





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