Topic: Do as I say not as I do?
The Forest Service demonstrates how to treat OUR land and water!
How many times have we heard the old adage?

Do as I say, not as I do.

Well there is no doubt about it::  it is being practiced to perfection by the various agencies comprising our Federal Government.

Some AFFA (Americans For Forest Access) members recently caught the San Bernardino National Forest taking it to a new level.  They discovered a shameful dump site and hazardous material problem on public (OUR) lands.  Brought to us courtesy of the San Bernardino National Forest.

Click photos for larger view.

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Wide shot of one Haz-Mat area

Mvc-003f.jpg (44396 bytes)
Close up of some of the Haz-Mat
Mvc-002f.jpg (55935 bytes)
Close up of more of the Haz-Mat
Mvc-004f.jpg (62339 bytes)
Wider shot of some of the Haz-Mat
Mvc-005f.jpg (41919 bytes)
Secure Haz-Mat shed
(note the lock, ummm... STICK!)
Mvc-006f.jpg (48916 bytes)
At least they marked it well.
Mvc-010f.jpg (52740 bytes)
Some tires and trash for good measure.
Mvc-009f.jpg (57604 bytes)
No doubt about where it is...
Mvc-008f.jpg (56965 bytes)
The Green buildings make us see red!!!
Mvc-007f.jpg (40528 bytes)
Are we about to lose another trail???

What should you do?

  • Write a letter admonishing them for their behavior...
    Email it to:  Allison Stewart, District Ranger

  • Keep an eye on your local Federal Agency(s)

  • Turn in posssible violations in the Southern California area to AFFA

  • Make them obey the law!

So what was the outcome?  You ask...

The AFFA members reported the problem to San Bernardino County Fire Officals. After a very brief look at the DUMP, they proceeded to cite the Forest Service for Haz-Mat violations.  The county was not happy with the Forest Service to say the least!!!

Let the Forest Service know that we will not tolerate them Trashing OUR land or treating OUR land like a dump.  If you or I had done this, we would be in jail.  Alas, they are not subject to the same laws as we are, so al least let them hear from you.

Send us an email if you need help
on finding who you should contact!!


What is all this about?

The Greens want OUR backcountry for the exclusive use of the elite, hard-core backpackers.

We must stop these folks, they are slowly but methodically stealing our rights, freedom and country from us!

Beginning to see more of the plan?

  • Get involved!

  • Be a good sport!

  • Keep it clean!

  • Be responsible!

  • Write to your representatives!




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"I believe that we are again engaged in a  great civil war, a cultural war
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--- Charlton Heston ---- Feb 16, 1999

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