Topic: Maps? Are they accurate or…?

Something strange has been happening to our country. Maps are no longer accurate. Roads are disappearing!
You ask.
       How could it be?  
You query.

Relax (maybe), the roads are not physically disappearing (yet). Rather, they are being removed from the maps.  Who would do this and why?  The national forest service for one is doing it.  Why?  So areas will appear road less to help with wilderness designation.

We have in our possession, two forest service maps of the same area.  They were purchased over 15 years apart.  Guess what?  The dates on the map are the same but part of the newer the maps must have been printed using invisible ink because some roads are gone!

We have to stop this.  Please send in all copies of old maps.  Send them to DirtFirst!.  Send a self addressed stamped envelope if you want them back later.  We will look through new ones and compare them with older maps.  We will also use them for RS2477 right of way cases.

Write to us at:
PMB #291
215 E. Orangethorpe Ave
Fullerton, Ca. 92832
Attn: Maps

We have to let the government know loud and clear that two tracks, logging roads, mining roads, backcountry dirt lanes, etc. are roads.  Our fine civil servants keep changing the definition of "ROAD", so we gotta tell them we don't like it and will no longer stand for it.

This is important!  We need your help to identify the "THEFT" of our backcountry roads.  Unlike the GAG's (Green Advocacy Group) and Bruce "Babble" we consider "Jeep" trails, two tracks, mining, logging and other such roads "TO BE ROADS".  You should start watching for this behavior in your area in order to preserve our heritage and access to public lands and your favorite places.

  • What is all this about? They want our backcountry roads.
  • Why? If we don't have backcountry roads we can't access the backcountry.
  • If we can't access the backcountry, who will fight the wilderness builders?
  • Beginning to see more of the planYep!
  • Send in your maps. (or check them yourself)
  • Check maps in your area.
  • Tell the National Forest Service, the BLM and
    others to stop it
  • Get involved!

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