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March '98 update:

Do you think there is global warming? Many of the "scientists" predicting it thought we would have an ice age because of human activities.  Take a look at the link below. You will find quotes, articles, and other references about what climatologists believed in the 1970's. Their data showed a cooling trend then, but now their data has been changed to show a warming trend. Ask yourself why?
Follow the money!!!!

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This editorial is about Global warming. It is based in part on an article at cnn.com. It is a very good article on global warming.

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As most of us are aware, there is a conference on global warming in Japan.  The goal is to draft and ultimately ratify a global treaty for the control and reduction of "greenhouse" gases.  The problem is twofold:

        • Is global warming real (and caused by man's activities)?
        • Will this be a fair treaty?
The first question is not so straightforward. True, glaciers are melting and some areas of the earth have gotten warmer, etc. but does this mean global warming is happening?  If it is occurring is it outside of the scope of the Earth's natural cycles?  Based on the EPA's global warming page; the earth has not warmed after about 1940. Satellite data gathered over the past thirty years also indicates no overall change.

From the CNN article:

"You have these news events where people are taken to Glacier National Park or to Alaska, and they are shown a glacier that has been retreating," says Professor Richard Lindzen of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology "The assumption is it's global warming.

"But then you look at the markers and you see that the retreat began around 1820. That's not due to global warming, at least not from man."
In other words, these things happen.

From the CNN article:
"The atmosphere is very complex, too complex to be in a global model and then have integrated seasons years and centuries into the future," according to Professor Bill Gray at Colorado State University "It's just too complex to be done. If it could be done, the global modelers would be predicting a season and changes a year in the future, which they're not able to do."

From the CNN article:
"More than 150 scientists, economists and meteorologists signed a dissenting document in 1996, cautioning that there is no proof yet of human-induced climate changes, and that massive spending to fix what they consider a dubious problem would be an economic disaster.
Source: Union of Concerned Scientists"
If global warming is real, why isn't there real supporting evidence to prove it? The earth has gone through many heating and cooling stages and it will go through many more in the future.  We are still coming out of the last ice age. Couldn't that be one reason that the glaciers are melting? Is man causing global warming? Is global warming even occurring? The answer to both must be no if the earth's overall temperature hasn't risen during the last 50+ years. Computer models are not evidence - they are the electronic equivalent of a crafty statistician. Will this be a fair treaty? NO!!!!!
The developing nations (via the U.N.) want two things out of this treaty.
  • money
  • exemptions

Money, the U.N. wants the U.S. and the other industrial nations to pay a BIG tax on energy. Secondly, they want those same nations to pay them to develop pollution reducing technologies. What does that mean? We will pay more for our energy (up to 50% more) which will drive the cost of our products up. Our products will not be competitive against those exempted nations' products because of our higher manufacturing costs. To add insult to injury, we are then expected to help them financially to develop pollution reducing technologies. Sounds like double billing to us!

Exemptions, the developing nations would be exempted from the terms of the treaty. They would enjoy lower energy costs and be able to pollute freely. As they become more competitive due in large measure to their lower energy costs they will manufacture more and create more pollution. The developed nations currently produce about one half of the so-called greenhouse gasses. That means that the undeveloped countries already contribute one half. We don't think there should be any exemptions. - Period!!


What's our opinion? 

Follow the power and money. This is about redistributing the worlds wealth, resources and energy. It is socialism on world wide scale brought to you courtesy of the United Nations.
Our crafty politicians are now referring to this as "Economic Democracy". When you hear that term used you are face to face with a socialist folks.

The U.N. wants a "one world economy", a "one world standard of living" and a "one world government". The U.N. wants to lower your standard of living. Yes, lower your standard of living because we are too affluent and successful compared to the rest of the world.

Their cure: raise the worlds standard of living via redistribution of wealth (at our expense). That is the U.N.'s vision - "The New World Order". IT'S SOCIALISM, BEWARE !!!

Read the CNN article.  Check out the EPA global warming page and the other links on our hot links page. Again, don't take anyone's word on this, you must get informed then decide for yourself on this issue. Follow some of our links. If you feel the Japan Climate treaty is not a good deal or even necessary, then write to the President and your congressional representative and tell them you oppose it.

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