Topic: Where are They?

The SUV manufacturers and
the aftermarket parts makers...

Our sport is under severe attack and we stand to loose many of our favorite areas.  Indeed, much has already been lost and much more will be lost.  Many of us are fighting to slow/stop this erosion of access and land use.

However, there is a large element absent in this fight.  The SUV makers and aftermarket parts manufacturers.  They are afraid to jump in the fray and get dirty but are perfectly willing  to take your hard earned money for their vehicles and parts.

To them we say "COWARDS!". 

On occasion, one of the above mentioned will fight for a carefully selected non-politically charged cause.  But they all avoid the tough ones like the plague.   Well guess what?  We can force them to "belly up to the bar" along with us and fight for land access and vehicle laws.

Our opinion is as follows:
Before you hand your money over for a vehicle or parts check the company's record on land use and vehicle laws.  If they are not supporting us then call the company and let them know that we expect their support, clout  and yes even - "dollars" in the fight for 4x4 access.  If they refuse, then tell them you will buy someone else's product and that you will inform everyone in your circle of friends to boycott them as well.

Why should we buy products and vehicles from companies that are only willing to accept our money?   We can no longer afford to accept lack of support from any company profiting from our sport.

We have the power to make them help us and we must wield that power now!

What is all this about?

They want OUR backcountry for the exclusive use of the elite, hard-core backpackers.

Beginning to see more of the plan?

  • Get involved!

  • Be a good sport!

  • Keep it clean!

  • Be responsible!

  • Write to your representatives!





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